Enhancing the human / dog relationship through positive training



  • Issues can include: jumping up, pulling on a leash, rushing doors, chewing, digging, barking, reactivity (area of specialty), aggression towards strangers and/or other dogs, house training and more
  • Obedience focuses can include: stay, sit, leave it, lay, come when called, and more

Your sessions will likely focus on a mixture of the above to accomplish our tasks.

Initial Consult

Each training approach will require an initial consult + training session. At this initial session, I will discuss the behavioral concern(s) with you. We’ll discuss the history of your dog’s behavior(s), and I will share with you what I believe is motivating the behavior(s) and what we can do to improve your situation. In this first session, we will cover management techniques and the foundations of the training we will need to put into place. I will also recommend the number and type of sessions we’ll need to schedule to accomplish our goals.

Private Sessions

This option offers you the more collaborative training approach. Each session involves you, your dog, and me. I will teach you and lay the training foundations with your dog, and you will do the majority of the training between our sessions.

Virtual training

In addition to in-person meetings, I offer initial consults and private sessions as online meetings! Through video conferencing, I will discuss your case with you, answer questions, and demonstrate the verbal and physical training cues that are necessary to your training program. I will observe and coach your training approach with your dog. This may be accomplished in real time or through previously recorded video.

Day Training

This option involves one-on-one training between your dog and me. Typically, I work with your dog 2-3 days a week for multiple weeks. On the last meeting of each week (or some variation per our mutual conclusion), you and I will discuss the cues and management necessary to support the training. This option is ideal for a dog parent who doesn’t have the time or desire to put in the majority of the training hours, themselves. Let me help you out!

Included with all private sessions and day training:
Hands-on Training
Training Instruction and Demonstration
Behavior Management Handouts
Personalized Write-up
(number provided is dependent on selected training service)
Follow-up Phone and e-mail availability

Training Walks

Training walks are an excellent option for dog parents to get their dogs out for exercise and training at the same time. This is, primarily, a good option for reactive dog clients, seeking exercise for their dog without sacrificing the training standards. It is also a good option for loose-leash walking clients that want to maintain or improve their dog’s positive walking behaviors.

  • Offered to clients who have completed a training package with me and are within a limited service area.


In-person Virtual session
Initial consult $165 $145
Private sessions 3-session package @ $405
Individual sessions @ $140
3-session package @ $375
Individual sessions @ $130
Please note that almost all behaviors will require multiple sessions.
If I believe you require fewer than 3 sessions, each session will be priced at the individual session rate.
Day training Starting at 3 weeks/9 sessions @ $1,080
Training walks 30 min @ $50